Sunday, October 6, 2013

Tara's Future Journey

Going forward, Tara plans on successfully guiding her four children through their school careers.  As her schedule allows she will continue with her own education and perhaps one day secure a job in an elementary school.

Due to Tara's nomadic life-style so far they plan on living in New Hampshire forever.  While traveling across Europe was exciting Tara feels that her family will better benefit from a stable enviornement and setting up roots.  Their random selection of New Hampshire seems to be working out.

As for plans for Tara herself all of her future goals seem to revolve around her family.  It was hard to find a goal that had to do with just her.  She wants a nice house that is fun and happy and that is her end goal.  She wants a place that children and eventually grandchildren will want to be.  The fact that she doesn't have any major goals for herself doesn't worry her.  For now, she is wokring on her own education and that is enough for now.  Her goals are not for her as an individual, but her in regards to her family.


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