Sunday, October 6, 2013

Party of Dreams (Psychsocial)

by "Sigmund Freud"

A while back I published "The Interpretation of Dreams".  Dreams are the way our id can communicate with us.  For this reason I chose to analyze one of Tara's recent dreams.  Her dreams, like everyone elses', are a way for her unconscious thoughts to surface.  However, dreams often occur in a symbolic fashion rather than being straight forward and obvious.  (Burger 53)

Tara had a recent dream in which she had a big party to celebrate the pond near her house.  It was described to me like a "birthday party for the pond".  During her dream she said she was preparing the food and it was becoming overwhelming with the amount of things she had to carry back and forth to the pond.  She told me that when she woke up in the morning she felt exhausted, as if she had really been up all night preparing food and cleaning the house for a party near the pond.  Perhaps this is in regards to the large event she recently had to prepare for, but it was not a party to celebrate the pond.  This could indicate her id was trying to give messages, but her conscious thoughts were too focused on her upcoming event to allow the id to get any thoughts in....  all the id could "say" was pond.

Giving the id a chance to surface is a healthy thing.  In a healthy individual the id, ego and superego all work together.  (Burger 46)  It is a weakness if one takes too much control.  As with Tara, the needs of her awake days are perhaps too strong and intruding on her dreams which were meant to be a time for the subconscious thoughts to be heard.  If this went on for a prolonged time it could cause unnecessary stress.

On a smaller level, it is a good strength that Tara has such focus to a task she is responsible for, but it still needs to be put into perspective.

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