Sunday, October 6, 2013

Keep Going Tara (Cognitive)

by "Albert Bandura"

Our minds are continually procession information when we make decisions.  It's not something that we even think about.  Our minds also produce our behavior based on our own self-regulation.  I have found that Tara continually rewards herself for completing tasks and this is a result of her self-regulation.  (Burger 345)

Tara has made an important change in her self-efficacy this past year by enrolling at Rivier University.  Her efficacy expectation was always too low and as a result she didn't believe she could manage the additional responsibilities.  However, Tara has since developed an outcome expectation that said she could do it and as a result one year ago she signed up for her first course on her way to a degree in Elementary Education.

Tara received her efficacy expectations from vicarious experiences.  She saw many other adults going back to school and decided they were not any better qualified to succeed than she was.  (Burger 355)   This positive self-efficacy is a definite advantage for Tara.  It has caused her to further her education, but it could also cause some problems if it doesn't work out.  I can start to see her doubting the vicarious experiences that had once originally given her the confidence.  I feel that she is doubting herself every time a difficult and time consuming class comes along and that her success will be compromised if she does not re-focus.

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