Sunday, October 6, 2013

Tara's Traits (Trait)

by "Henry Murray"  

My approach has always included a mixture of both psychoanalytic and trait concepts.  I consider myself a trait theorist, but I do feel that some aspects of the psychoanalytic approach that can be taken and used productively so I focus my work on psychogenic needs.  These needs describe the way an individual tends to respond to certain situations. (Burger 154)

Out of the twenty-seven needs I have identified I have determined that Tara has the highest needs need for Achievement and Nurturance.  

On an average day these traits are a strength for for Tara because they assist her with her "motherly" responsibilities.  Tara's high drive to nurture has a direct affect on her children as she cares for them.  She feels very comfortable with her role and doesn't feel burdened with it.

On the other hand her she may have too high of a need for achievement, an need that she is perhaps forcing into her children's lives.  I can tell she sometimes exerts her feelings of achievement onto her children a little too much.  At her children's sports games she becomes very competitive and can actually become upset or sad when one of her children does not preform well.  Her kids feel a great deal of pressure because of this. Making these sports too serious often takes away the enjoyment she should be receiving by simply watching her children participate.

The need for achievement is one of the more widely studied needs (Burger 155) and I hope that my future colleagues can continue it's research.

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