Sunday, October 6, 2013

Blame it on Biology (Biological)

by "Hans Eysenck"

I've been referred to as a "conversationalist in the intellectual world", but as I've said before, "I prefer to think that on these issues the majority were wrong and I was right" (Burger 223).  Biology does in fact play a huge role in an individual's personality and Tara is a prime example of that.

It was no surprise to me that Tara, being a near photocopy of her mother would have also inherited her personality from her parents as well.  Unlike her physical looks, Tara seems to inherited the exact personality of her father.

Even as an adult, Tara has the same personality as her father.  This is interesting because Tara has lived apart from her parents for nearly 20 years.  She has even lived among different countries and cultures for the past five years.  Despite the different and ever changing environmental factors, Tara's basic personality remains the same.

Just last week Tara got into an argument with her daughter in which both her and her daughter lost their tempers.  After the argument ended Tara described it to me as was a scene that seemed very similar to her own childhood and to the arguments she had with her own father.  This makes sense.  Biology gave all three of them a hot-temper.

As in this example, this is a disadvantage, obviously because Tara has inherited some less desirable aspects to her personality.  However, on the plus side she has had a chance to see these negative aspects in others so she knows what it is like to deal with them as an outsider.  If she uses this knowledge she can make the effort needed to control them within herself.

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