Sunday, October 6, 2013

Moving Well Overall (Feminine)

by "Karen Horney"

After speaking with Tara she seemed like a confident individual who was seemingly coping with life successfully.  However, I would have to argue that she does indeed have some potentially neurotic needs when it comes to her need for perfection.  Just last week she spent a solid five hours over the course of three days painting a single side of a closet door.  She had to make every brush stroke perfect.  This is a need that she needs to withdraw from ...especially since she has an entire house with closets to paint.

At least Tara's self-realization of herself is fairly accurate.  She seems to have an accurate conception of who she seems to be and she seems to understand that there is no such thing as being perfect.  So while she may feel the need to paint her closet perfect, this is a weakness in that she has wasted her time, but on a positive note Tara realizes this perfectness is not something that a person can achieve.  Wanting to be perfect is not a productive goal; it's an impossible one and therefore will only result in disappointment.

I do in fact spend most of my time researching and analyzing those with various neurosis so I found Tara to be a bit dull.  She doesn't tend to fall into one of my specific categories of moving toward people, moving against people or moving away from people.  (Burger 120)  She seems to be moving quite well overall.

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